De Wentel is a transmedial world of stories by writer and theatre maker Sytze Schalk. The stories are situated in and around Lida, a fantasy city and world that resembles our own world, but is also quite different. It's a world to dissapear in, a magical-realistic place based lightly on European fin-de-siecle, with its own architecture, history, religion, economy, culture, music, theatre and more.

Concept art - a world of stories

Writer/theatre maker Sytze Schalk asked me to visualise his ideas, worlds and characters. This has resulted in a series of sketches, designs, illustrations and concept art for his theatre productions, helping cotume/set designers, for advertising posters, a card-game called Kaptka and the growing online world of stories that make De Wentel.

The target adience is youth and young adults, using interactive theatre shows, card- and online games to make the fastasy world a vivid one.

Read all about in at the website of De Wentel!